The Essence Of The Science Of Getting Rich

Focusing on what you want creates that in which consumes your mind. This was the most immediate thought in The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. As you flood your consciousness with a thought it becomes your belief from the unconscious mind pouring into the conscious, wherein it becomes your immediate belief and mindset.

This can change your entire attitude toward money, wealth, success or anything similar if you would just concentrate more on that which you desire rather than what you wish to avoid.

This is said to be the secret of the universe. Not because it is difficult, but it often eludes those who don’t self-reflect enough to realize it. It is only for those who act and reflect on their actions and how their thoughts and mindset affects their reality who realizes this casual relation. It is a casual relation beyond psychology and pours into the mysticism of metaphysics of mind, but the wealthy use it constantly and it suits them better than they could dream.

Actually, that last part isn’t quite accurate. The relation because what you think, both unconsciously and consciously manifests into life perfectly, just as looking into a mirror reflects everything that is presented before it.

You could possibly have a dirty mirror, in which case the reflection is blurred and the image seen is not the true image presented. Same as with the mind; if your thoughts conflict and the image of what you want isn’t 100% clear, you will create something into your reality that isn’t entirely what you expected.